The Dirt Of Ages - An Anthology

by Satyros

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This EP features songs unreleased on our earlier works, but only as separate ‘singles’. We decided to use them to lay the foundation for what we call our own Open-Anthology-Project. This means, that the project is open for continuation: We intend to release potential future Satyros songs on “The Dirt of Ages” that are not part of a greater album concept. This allows us even more artistic freedom to experiment with new sounds, styles, and blends of genres than before, apart from our songwriting for upcoming full-length outputs.


released August 29, 2012

All music and lyrics written and performed by Satyros



all rights reserved


Satyros Germany

Satyros is a German Postmodern Black Metal band, est. in 2005. Besides their debut "Satyros" and the 2nd full-length "Riven", they released the promotional EP "A Day Of Rain" and their anthology "Dirt of Ages". They are working on their 3rd album and a live-film. The line-up consists of Nihil (guitars, bass, programming), Hiem (guitars, backing vocals) and Cerberus (lead and backing vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Cursed By Satyros
Cursed by Satyros
(the black wizard)

I feel your steely glances – right on my spine
Your little nice annoyance, your – thorn in your side
Your pretty cause for complaints you need day-to-day
To belie your disaffection (which) - you do display

Is it your indecision which assigns your life?
Your desperate tryin’ each day to self-define?
But one shallow light in millions which no one knows
Would like to shine beyond them - but won’t aglow

No, …there’s nothing to exceed
For a human wreck
For a soulless creep
Got it? You’ve just been…

…cursed! Cursed by Satyros!
You’ve been fucking cursed!
Cursed by Satyros!

You soulless creep!
You’ll never see!
Fuck off and die!

Gotta – always put in your two cents in – to show you’ve made (up) your mind
Made up by your preconception for all you despise
Screw your second-hand opinion, or shall I make this plain?
Nothing’s changed by vapid minions with their hearts so stained

I feel your killing glances – right on my spine
The loss of self-delusion – your haunting fiend
The silent voice – incessant – your scruple day-to-day
The probing question you block out – but won’t go away

You’re cursed by…
Track Name: The Sons Of Morning
The Sons of Morning

[“[…] Then from the throng | did three come forth,
From the home of the gods, | the mighty and gracious;
Two without fate | on the land they found,
Ask and Embla, | empty of might.

Soul they had not, | sense they had not,
Heat nor motion, | nor goodly hue;
Soul gave Othin, | sense gave Hönir,
Heat gave Lothur | and goodly hue. […]” 1

Behold, for with the day’s first ray of light, they are descending
From bright… horizons, Lo! – The Sons of Morning, from thence emerged
They rode… the winds of wakening tides (their breathe equates an early breeze)
The stars… of Midnight in their eyes, ablazed, as they bring us dawn

Like radiant sun’s shafts, like lambent burning orbs
Blending all colors into brilliant layers of white
Their voices raise a song that’s free of any slightest blame
Each word’s a very witness of the wisdom within itself

Wóden! Wili! Wé!
Wóden! Wili! Wé!
Wóden! Wili! Wé!
Wóden! Wili! Wé!

Imbuing us, eternally, Spirit and Will
Inciting us, incessantly, our Desire to fulfill
Reminding us, persistently, never to forget
Truly, to infinity, our nature … has been set

In awe … still their feet won’t leave a trace, as they stroll ‘round earthly strands
Hear heaven’s king(s) rejoice, receive the blessings that they breathe
Led with the greatest … of ease, life turns into a silv’ry stream
Gently purling down its course, in an everlasting laugh

1 - 1st two stanzas taken from the Poetic Edda, Voluspo, Stanzas 17 and 18, English version by Henry Adams Bellows