A Day Of Rain EP

by Satyros

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4 Track EP showing the new more diverse style compared to the black-metalish debut.


released November 15, 2009

All music and lyrics written and performed by Satyros.



all rights reserved


Satyros Germany

Satyros is a German Postmodern Black Metal band, est. in 2005. Besides their debut "Satyros" and the 2nd full-length "Riven", they released the promotional EP "A Day Of Rain" and their anthology "Dirt of Ages". They are working on their 3rd album and a live-film. The line-up consists of Nihil (guitars, bass, programming), Hiem (guitars, backing vocals) and Cerberus (lead and backing vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Purify
No regrets, no fuckin’ sympathy
No signs of doubt or of uncertainty
Will tear my heart

You call me egoistic
Because I seize the days, the days of mine
Well, I guess I’m also misanthropic
For I don’t fuckin‘ care if you live or die

I...decline your doctrines you slaves of false insight
I…defy... your dogmas – this is a song of pride

I...witness the blaze of the rising sun
Twilight...of the idols has just begun

No god, no false morality
Objective truth, free of hypocrisy?
The end of lies

There’s none I have to follow
For I’m on my own way – and I walk alone
Do you think there´s a need to name me self-important
Just because I don’t waste my life like you?

So I welcome each second
Prove I’m alive
Embrace each moment
And feel revived
Have no remorse for the things I’ve done
My spirit’s cleansed when time has come
Track Name: Moments Of Mine
Autumn’s tears have fallen
Carassed my soul by troubled sky
Getting cold - I wonder
If it´s been raining for some time

As the day grows older
Has been long since I ´ve resigned
Cannot stand this feeling
All these thoughts that drown my mind

Need to calm my senses
Have a rest to clarify
For I´m sick and tired
Of those doubts I bear inside

Oh, may I ever
Be sure I gave the best in life?
Will I never
Free this burdened heart of mine?

These... are the moments
The moments of mine
Seconds by oneself
Seconds divine
Moments that I
Need for myself
A glimpse of time
For no one else

I need time to realize!
So much more to leave behind!

Track Name: Traumhallen
Soaring...moonless nights...
I can’t ...resist you...

Bright...in sheet lightning...
...giant realms...do invite me...

Timeless ablazed in a cascade of light
Thy gates to wisdom greet me open wide
King’s road to secret desires unfolds
Concealed emotions in depths of my soul

...their voices...confusing...

oh, so strange to be there
yet so close
intense the feeling
to behold –
recalled remembrance
fragments so blurred
unconscious striving...for insight

In silence...my spirit’s roaming your halls
Searching...the answers of life’s quest unknown

Timeless ablazed in a cascade of light
Arcades tow’ring endless to spheres way up high
Bleared simulacra intend to reveal
Obscurely reflecting what was and will be
Track Name: Lost In Grey
Once more, let me be firm, not faint
For this might truly be the end
Of that road I’d gone so far, so long
So let me not stumble, but boldly stride
And while fading in world’s greyest veil
Let me not lose heart, but enable me to believe
That he “[…] who loses not his place, endures”1
And “[…] he who dieth without dying, liveth for ever”2

Pouring with rain, world’s lost itself in grey
All that I know is turning pale facing the end
All that remains, which keeps me going on this way
Though I’ll be gone, I’ll see my name live out the day

My blood…is streaming out my veins
I’m going blind, soon I’ll be slain
I spread my arms, embrace the rain
Purging my mind, ceasing my pain
…here at the end
Of all my ways, I understand
Nothing‘s ever been in vain
Nor has been lost in shades of grey

light...I feel so...light...
No slightest flaw or stain...
... for me to find...
‘tis all’s so clear

Source directory

1 Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tse, Chapter 33, English translation by Susuki
2 Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tse, Chapter 33, English translation by Aleister Crowley